Greetings from Copenhagen: Pin-worthy Green Exteriors

Part 3 of our 3-Part Copenhagen Series

Walking around the streets of this beautiful city, we noticed a trend: trim, molding, doors, window panes and even entire facades and outdoor furniture were all painted a rich, dark hunter green. Is a dark hunter green the unofficial color of Copenhagen? We're not sure, but we are sure about this trend.  Dark green looks equally amazing against brick, stone, and plaster. It works well as a complimentary color, or as a dramatic contrasting color to a bright orange facade (as seen below). Throw in a bike or two and you've got a picture-perfect postcard! 



We also noticed another green exterior trend: green in the form of living green-- plants! If you are at all familiar with our brand, you know that we are BIG plant fans, and love incorporating plants into our design work. They quite literally bring a space, interior or exterior, to life.